Liqueur Whisky

Some blenders used to describe their products as liqueur whisky, intending to convey a sense of sophistication and giving a 'digestif' quality to the product. This term now has no real meaning and is falling out of use. Whisky Liqueur has an altogether different meaning.

Deriving from the French liquor,the word now refers to a flavoured spirit, usually sweet, which can be based on any grain alcohol, though we only look at liqueurs which are based on whisky. The flavouring agent in the drink, which can be herbs, flowers, fruit, seeds or roots, is introduced to the spirit base by re-distillation, infusion or maceration.

By implication, a liqueur is of high quality, to be savoured rather than hastily gulped. Scotland, Ireland and The United States all produce whisky-based liqueurs, a number of which are internationally known by their names and the romantic stories attached to their creation.

Famous Liqueurs
Columba Cream Liqueur
Drambuie Liqueur
Drumgray Cream Liqueur
Fairlies Light Highland Liq.
Glayva Liqueur
Glenturret Malt Liqueur
Heather Cream
Johnnie Walker Liqueur
Scottish Island Liqueur
Stag's Breath Liqueur
Wallace Liqueur

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