Whisky Live Perth 2017

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Start Date
31 March 2017
End Date
01 April 2017
Friday: 6pm-9.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm and 6pm-9.30pm
Perth, Australia
Whisky Live Perth will offer guests the chance to sample an array of different whisky styles from around the world.
As well as having the chance to sample a wide selection of drams, guests can also partake in additional seminars and experiences for an additional fee.

For example, this year the show is adding a virtual tour of Lagavulin distillery with tickets priced at AU$20 per person.
Each guest will receive a printed guide, including photos, tasting notes and flavour profiles. A digital version will be emailed to visitors the week before the show.

Plus, an old and rare whisky bar will offer the chance to tick off some ‘bucket list’ whiskies available at the show.
Pan Pacific Hotel
207 Adelaide Terrace
WA 6000
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