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An appreciation of prose is learned, not instinctive. It is an acquired taste, like Scotch whisky.
Abigail Padgett

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  • Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Distillery & brand

    Ailsa Bay

    Flexible Lowlands distillery situated within the Girvan complex producing a range of malt styles.

  • Hiram Walker & Sons Hiram Walker & Sons Hiram Walker & Sons Distiller & blender

    Hiram Walker & Sons

    Canadian distiller Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts’ Scotch whisky operation.

  • Robertson & Baxter Group Robertson & Baxter Group Robertson & Baxter Group Distiller & blender

    Robertson & Baxter

    A quiet subsidiary of Edrington, but once a powerful 19th century whisky blender and distiller.

  • William Teacher & Sons William Teacher & Sons William Teacher & Sons Distiller & blender

    William Teacher & Sons

    A Scotch whisky distilling and blending company famous for its Teacher’s Highland Cream blend.

  • Justerini & Brooks Justerini & Brooks Justerini & Brooks Blender

    Justerini & Brooks

    A humble London wine and spirit merchant that created one of the world’s best selling blends.

  • Allied Distillers Allied Distillers Allied Distillers Distiller

    Allied Distillers

    A subsidiary of Allied Lyons formed to operate its distilling operations.

  • Pernod Ricard Pernod Ricard Pernod Ricard Distiller & blender

    Pernod Ricard

    Paris-based spirits group.

  • Imperial Distillery Imperial Distillery Imperial Distillery Distillery & brand


    Now demolished Victorian plant.

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