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The Lowlanders' problem has been that the Highlanders and Islanders have the romance.
Michael Jackson

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  • Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Distillery & brand

    Ailsa Bay

    Flexible Lowlands distillery situated within the Girvan complex producing a range of malt styles.

  • Seven Islands Seven Islands Seven Islands Brand

    Seven Islands

    Luxury single malt produced for Indian drinks company Tilaknagar Industries by Benriach distillery.

  • Seven Eleven Seven Eleven Seven Eleven Brand

    Seven Eleven

    Scotch blend created for the Italian market by the Tanist Bonding Company of Glasgow.

  • Scottish Collie Scottish Collie Scottish Collie Brand

    Scottish Collie

    Standard blended Scotch featuring a lovable canine pal on the label.

  • Islay Legend Islay Legend Islay Legend Brand

    Islay Legend

    A short-lived but much sought after blend that contained a high proportion of malt from Bowmore.

  • Iona Iona Iona Brand


    Although an obscure brand today, the old Iona blend was heavily marketed in its day.

  • Honest John Honest John Honest John Brand

    Honest John

    Standard Scotch blend created by the Tanist Bonding Company exclusively for sale in Italy.

  • Highland Queen Highland Queen Highland Queen Brand

    Highland Queen

    Today this historic Scotch brand created by Macdonald & Muir covers both blends and single malts.

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