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Scotch? Was invented by little old lady from Leningrad.
Pavel Chekov

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  • Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Distillery & brand

    Ailsa Bay

    Flexible Lowlands distillery situated within the Girvan complex producing a range of malt styles.

  • Whisky Spirits Whisky Spirits Whisky Spirits Own-label

    Whisky Spirits

    Scotch whisky specialist in Frankfurt, Germany known for its ‘whisky seasons calendars’.

  • Westwood Whisky Westwood Whisky Westwood Whisky Own-label

    Westwood Whisky

    German whisky retailer specialising in Scotch whisky with a small number of own label bottlings.

  • Alexander Weine & Destillate Alexander Weine & Destillate Alexander Weine & Destillate Own-label

    Alexander Weine & Destillate

    Swiss wine and spirits importer and retailer located near Aargau.

  • McGibbon's McGibbon's McGibbon's Brand


    This blended Scotch is world-famous for its eccentric golf-themed decanters.

  • Kuchh Nai Kuchh Nai Kuchh Nai Brand

    Kuchh Nai

    Scottish whisky, English company and an Indian name – this is a truly cosmopolitan brand.

  • John Barr John Barr John Barr Brand

    John Barr

    A blend created to plug the gap after Johnnie Walker Red was withdrawn in the UK.

  • Huntly Royal Huntly Royal Huntly Royal Brand

    Huntly Royal

    A famed north-east of Scotland blended whisky with Glendronach malt at its core.

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