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The light music of whiskey falling into a glass – an agreeable interlude.
James Joyce

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  • Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Ailsa Bay Distillery & brand

    Ailsa Bay

    Flexible Lowlands distillery situated within the Girvan complex producing a range of malt styles.

  • Duart Castle Duart Castle Duart Castle Brand

    Duart Castle

    This blended Scotch whisky was created in honour of the ruined Mull castle and seat of Clan Maclean.

  • The Antiquary The Antiquary The Antiquary Brand

    The Antiquary

    A historic Victorian blend identifiable by its unique gemstone-shaped bottle.

  • Black & White Black & White Black & White Brand

    Black & White

    Victorian blend that became world-famous thanks to its friendly black and white terrier mascots.

  • McCallum's McCallum's McCallum's Brand


    An early 20th century ‘Scots’ blend that became a surprise hit in Australia.

  • John Begg John Begg John Begg Brand

    John Begg

    The flagship blend from Royal Lochnagar distillery’s founder John Begg.

  • Golden Age Golden Age Golden Age Brand

    Golden Age

    One of the lesser-known blends in the Haig portfolio that ran for a time in the 1970s.

  • Gilbey's Gilbey's Gilbey's Brand


    A widely distributed Speyside-based blend created by blender and gin distiller W&A Gilbey.

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