Whiskies of the World San Francisco 2018

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Start Date
24 March 2018
5:00 - 9:00PM
San Francisco, United States

Benefitting Casa Circulo Cultural

- Hundreds of whiskies to sample (Scotch, Bourbon, American Craft, Malts, Grains, Scottish, Irish, American, Canadian, Indian, Australian and more)
- Meet Distillers and Brand Ambassadors
- Dinner buffet
- Whisky Masterclasses: A guided tasting and educational experience.
- Whisky mixology
- Cigar and Whisky pairing

What does GA include?
- 6:00 pm entry, a whisky tasting glass for unlimited samples, buffet, masterclass, a cigar Cut and Smoke.

What does VIP include?
- 5:00 pm entry. VIP only pours. Limited VIP ticketing for easier access to brand ambassadors, distillers and blenders.

What does Dram Club include?
- 4:30 pm entry. Friday night Dram Club party.

Please note attendance at this event is limited to persons aged 21 or older. Photo I.D. showing age is required.

San Francisco Belle, Yacht Pier 3
San Francisco
United States
+1 (408) 225-0446
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