Edinburgh Whisky Festival

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Start Date
16 June 2018
12pm-4pm, 5pm-9pm
Edinburgh, UK
Who would have thought it’s been a year since the Whisky Lounge wagon rolled into town! This year is not to be missed as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Help us celebrate it in style!

If you haven’t been to one of our legendary festivals before, you are in for a treat! If you have then you know what to expect, only this year we are back bigger and better. As well as the usual shenanigans, we have a few more surprises for you….

You’ll get to sample the best home-grown whiskies from Scotland, as well as all corners of the globe. The Edinburgh Whisky Festival attracts the finest distillers from as far afield as Taiwan, India, Japan and the USA. Simply approach any of the exhibitor stands, ask politely for a dram and you shall receive a tasty glass of whisky (it really is that simple). Every exhibitor knows their whiskies inside out and it’s well worth taking advantage of this knowledge.

You can also sign up to our new-look masterclasses with the whisky-world’s most renowned experts (our own Eddie included!) and experience some rare ‘under the counter’ drams. And because it’s our 10th birthday, we’ve got some exciting stuff lined up that we can’t talk about just yet…so watch this space!
The Assembly Rooms
54 George Street
+44 (0) 1904410841
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