Whisky Live Perth 2018

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Start Date
27 July 2018
End Date
28 July 2018
Friday: 6pm–9:30pm. Saturday: 12pm–3:30pm, 5pm–8:30pm.
Perth, Australia

Whisky Live is Perth’s whisky sampling event of the year, and this year will introduce other spirits, making it the Whisky Live and Fine Spirits tasting event. There will be vodkas, gins, rums and Cognacs in addition to a great line up of whisky.

Get to know a vast array of top-shelf whiskies and spirits from distilleries across the world.

Graze on an assortment of gourmet eats while tasting, and surround yourself with people who share your passion for whisky and spirits. You'll also get the chance to cultivate your whisky and fine spirits knowledge with expert instruction.

Whisky Live is an event for adults aged 18 and older.

Pan Pacific Hotel
207 Adelaide Street
WA 6000
+44 (0)1603 633 808
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