Glasgow Whisky Festival 2018

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Start Date
10 November 2018
12pm-4pm, 5pm-9pm
Glasgow, UK

This event puts Glasgow on the whisky map with an emphasis on Glasgow’s closest distilleries and the independent bottlers that belong to this great city. But it’s not just about Glasgow, as we’ll be celebrating whisky from all of Scotland and the rest of the world.

Exhibitors include GlenAllachie, North Star Spirits, Springbank and That Boutique-y Whisky Company.

As we fast approach that time of year when everyone has a bit too much to eat and drink, we wanted to do something to help those whose lives are far from merry. Given that we welcome hundreds to our festival every year we wanted to do something charitable while we’ve got you all together to celebrate whisky. A food bank raffle will run on both sessions, with an opportunity to win tickets to next year’s festival. 

Hampden Park
G42 9BA
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