Whiskybase Gathering 2019

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Start Date
19 October 2019
End Date
20 October 2019
Saturday: 12pm-6pm. Sunday: 11am-5pm.
Rotterdam, Netherlands

An unforgettable whisky experience. For the fourth year running, fellow whisky maniacs will gather to enjoy their favourite drams on 19 and 20 October 2019 in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where newcomers to the festivities can learn about the world of whisky and experience the event’s unique, welcoming spirit.

Over 2000 whiskies will be available to choose from starting at €1 per dram, ranging from the early 1900s to recent or even previously unreleased whiskies. Whether you’re after the smallest bottlers or distilleries, hunting old and rare whiskies or you’re chasing that single bottle you have been looking for, Whiskybase Gathering is the biggest open-bottle bar in the world.

Maassilo Rotterdam
Maashaven 2
3081 AE
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