Whisky Live Warsaw

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Start Date
18 October 2019
End Date
19 October 2019
Warsaw, Poland

This year’s edition of Whisky Live Warsaw festival will take place from 18-19 October in the Koneser Praga Center, which is located in the Praga district of Warsaw. The location of the festival is a nod to the traditions of Polish distilling – once the Koneser Warsaw Vodka Factory was operating here and today, there is the Museum of Polish Vodka. The venue is five minutes walk from the metro station and 10 minutes by car from the center of Warsaw.

We plan to host several dozen exhibitors from all over the world. In total, several hundred whiskies and other premium spirits will be available for tasting, while over 4,000 visitors are expected to attend during the course of the festival. 

In addition to tasting, other attractions are planned: masterclass sessions conducted by foreign guests, accompanying events on the main stage (interviews, lectures, presentations), an area of relaxation and a festival shop, where most of the spirits from the stands will available to buy at a special promotional price. 

Another edition of Whisky Live Warsaw Awards will also be taking place. The best whisky will be chosen by the professional jury, awarded with the title of the Best Festival Whisky and honored with a commemorative statuette. At the same time, each participant of Whisky Live Warsaw will be able to vote for a spirit – the one which receives the largest number of votes will by honored with the Audience Award.

Koneser Praga Center
Plac Konesera 2
+48 (0) 601 218 772
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