Whisky and Spirits Live: Johannesburg

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Start Date
06 November 2019
End Date
08 November 2019
From 5pm-late
Sandton, South Africa

Visitors can expect to meet master distillers, global brand ambassadors and a range of industry experts who will be offering advice not only on how best to enjoy whisky, but also how to savour every sip of a range of craft gins, premium vodkas, rums and other spirits available for sampling in a dedicated area of the tasting hall.

Taste whiskies from the key whisky-producing regions of the world as you journey through the festival. Scotland offers a variety of single malts and blends from Speyside, Islay, the Highlands, the Lowlands and Campbeltown. Strongly contrasting with Scotch, the American whiskeys and Bourbons prove the golden spirit’s capacity to offer something for everyone. Smooth Irish whiskeys are often recommended to ease newcomers into enjoying whisky, while South African whiskies stun both local and international visitors with complex flavour profiles befitting of the globally-recognised awards that they have received.

Expect innovation both in the products sampled, their packaging and the experiential platforms from which they’re presented – whisky may be an age-old drink filled with heritage and promising status to aspirant drinkers, but the multicultural diversity of the visitors to Whisky & Spirits Live and the spectrum of age groups represented at the event are testament to its consistent reinvention.

Sandton Convention Centre
161 Maude St
South Africa
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