Whisky and Spirits Festival Bristol

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Start Date
18 April 2020
Bristol, UK

We are putting together what we believe will be a truly mind-blowing selection of the world’s best whisky, rum, brandy, gin and mezcal for the great and good people of Bristol to enjoy.

Let the tried and trusted Whisky Lounge team enlighten and enthral you with amazing spirits from around the globe. Meet the people who make them, get up close and personal with our experts and even create your own. Learn how to be a cocktail-making pro from our award-winning and world-class bartenders and much, much more.

What is it and how does it work?
Our festival ‘mechanic’ is very simple and easy to understand. We like it that way…

  • BUY a ticket.
  • COME to the festival at the time stated on the ticket.
  • Receive a FREE Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glass on entrance.
  • Grab a FREE festival guide.
  • GO and sample, for no additional cost, over 100 whiskies and spirits.
  • BUY spirits from the on-site retailer if you want to

It really is as easy as that!

We operate a ‘Challenge 25’ policy. If we feel that you are fortunate to not look as old as 25, we will ask for ID to prove you are over 18 in order to gain entry to the festival. Do not be insulted if we do, be happy you are so youthful looking!

City Hall
College Green
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