The Whiskey Affair: Brighton

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Start Date
20 February 2016
Brighton, UK
Do you enjoy whiskey? Would you like to discover more about it, but don't know where to start? Do you like music? Do you like fun?

The Whiskey Affair is for you if you answered 'Yes!' to any of these questions. We are putting on an evening session at Otherplace in Brighton and have tons of brands of whiskey to share with you.

We are packing the room with three types of whiskey for you to try out to your heart's content:

Scotch: The best from Scottish whisky distilleries- from the well known to the smaller independents that you are going to fall in love with.

Bourbon: America's finest bourbons are here to show you what they can offer. Flavoured and packed with variety!

Whiskey: Here is where you may discover a whiskey from the Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan and Japan that you never knew existed!

Cocktails: Is everyone you know coming but you're not sure about whiskey? Don't worry: kick back with a cocktail and join in without a serious commitment. You can join in the fun, but don't need to be a connoisseur.

Our events work in a similar manner to beer festivals. We have a cashless bar which operates on tokens, which will be purchasable throughout the evening at the venue. Purchase as many tokens as you like and simply have them stamped when you are keen to select your drams. Some of the drinks may be rarer and cost more than one token but will be clearly marked when you are at the bar. We have live music from a fantastic rockabilly band to end the night and many little tricks up our sleeves to share with you. A photobooth will be present giving away free photos of your night for you to take home and there is the opportunity to buy whole bottles of any of the whiskeys that you fall in love with to continue the night after you leave.

Visit our website to check out more details about the brands and the entertainment, and prepare yourself for a memorable night out.

Music provided by: Josh Bevan

Photobooth: Prints Charming
The Otherplace at The Basement
24 Kensington St
West Sussex
07815 478999
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