Whisky L! & Fine Spirits 2016

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Start Date
19 August 2016
End Date
21 August 2016
2pm - 8pm
Shanghai, China
For the first time in eight years of service the show will be held over three days, two of which will be focused on whisky lovers whether experienced or simply seeking to start their journey.
The 2016 show, set to be held on 19, 20 and 21 August, will be clearly categorised into three areas: Whiskies of the World, Mixology and Craft Spirits. This year we warmly welcome a famous Japanese whisky mixologist from Japan, Takayuki Suzuki, and Master of the Quaich Charles Maclean.
International drinks celebrities will also be joined by pop-up specialist bars headed up by China's leading bartenders to help promote their outlets and their own style of mixology.
LE Meridien
789 Nanjing Dong Lu
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