Glendown distillery

Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

As with many short-lived distilleries in the early 19th century, the precise location of Glendown distillery remains totally elusive.

There is a Glendowran Burn near Crawfordjohn in South Lanarkshire and a Glendowan House listed near Torrance in east Dumbartonshire, but no location or geographic feature named Glendown can be found in Scotland. Certainly no details on the distillery’s buildings, stills or whisky exist either.

  • Region
  • Production type
    Single malt
  • Distillery Status

Glendown History

From 1827-29, Glendown was licensed to James Paterson, and was passed into the hands of John Stein in 1830. Whether he was a member of the all-powerful Stein family, who owned the Kilbagie, Kennetpans, Dolls, Canonmills and Hattonburn distilleries, is a moot point.

Either way, Glendown distillery didn’t last long under Stein’s ownership, and was closed in 1831.


  • 1827-29 Licensed to James Paterson
  • 1830-31 Licensed to John Stein
  • 1831 Distillery closed


Location Unknown
North Lanarkshire
United Kingdom

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