Copper Pot Profile

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Sold as a ‘Pure Malt Scotch Whisky’, Copper Pot was an 8-year-old vatting by an old whisky firm on Scotland’s east coast. The labels featured a bulbous pot still, with the name: George Morton Ltd, Dundee at the bottom. By 1983 Morton’s address was listed as Chapel Bond, Eastern Rd, Montrose, although by then the firm had been bought by one of its big rivals. Today its most enduring legacy is OVD Rum, now owned by Scottish drinks group William Grant & Sons.

  • Production type
    Blended malt

Copper Pot History

OVD or Old Vatted Demerara rum was originally blended and bottled by George Morton, who took over the local grocer Robert Don & Co in 1868, although OVD itself dates back to 1838. Over time Morton became one of the leading whisky blenders and bottlers in Dundee, along with John Robertson, James Watson and Alexander Stewart. Besides Copper Pot, the firm produced such whiskies as Auld Brig, Dundee Cream of Scotch, Morton’s Blended and Morton’s Special Reserve.

In 1981 George Morton Ltd was acquired by Amalgamated Distilled Products PLC, which merged with the Argyll Group PLC two years later.

Copper Pot is no longer in production, but OVD Rum and George Morton Ltd are both owned by William Grant & Sons.


  • 1838 Robert Don opens a grocery store in Dundee
  • 1868 George Morton acquires the firm
  • 1898 George Morton Ltd is formed
  • 1973 The firm buys the Bow Butt’s Bonding Co. in Montrose
  • 1983 George Morton Ltd is acquired by Amalgamated Distilled Products PLC


Current owner

  • George Morton Ltd
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