Hall & Bramley Profile

In Scotch circles, historic Liverpool-based blender and bottler Hall & Bramley was best known for producing the Glen Carren blended malt, as well as the Clan Ardroch and Glen Ghoil blends.

In addition to blending and bottling its own brands, Hall & Bramley bottled Glencastle and Glendearg for Thomas Baty & Sons Ltd., also based in Liverpool.

The company today forms part of Liverpool drinks manufacturer Halewood Wine & Spirits.

Hall & Bramley History

Hall & Bramley has its origins in Liverpool in 1860, with a firm started by Charlton R. Hall. The business was acquired by Halewood International in 1997 (John Halewood was a past employee), and finally incorporated in 2005 as Hall and Bramley (UK) Ltd (changed to Hall and Bramley Ltd in 2006).

The company was dissolved in 2011, although its brands and assets continue to be owned by Halewood Wine & Spirits.


Hall & Bramley, c/o Halewood Wines & Spirits
The Sovereign Distillery
Wilson Road, Huyton Business Park
L36 6AD
United Kingdom
+44 (0)151 480 8800

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