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Best of Whisky, the Netherlands-based online retailer, sells over 1,800 different whiskies plus over 3,000 other spirits to customers worldwide. Best of Whisky also bottles the annual commemorative whiskies for the Spirit of Amsterdam whisky festival.

Best of Whisky History

Located in the Dutch village of Ouderkerk aan den IJssel, Best of Whisky was founded by husband-and-wife team Ernst and Jeannette Dambrink in 2010 under the company name Best of Fine Spirits B.V. The family has had a long history of trading in spirits. In 1905, Ernst’s grandfather, Cornelius Dambrink, started a business as a merchant called Klaver Vier in Utrecht; Cornelius also distilled some of his own products.


Best of Whisky
Abelenlaan 6
SB Ouderkerk aan den IJssel
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