Ramseyer's Whisky Connection Profile

Zurich-based whisky retailer Ramseyer’s Whisky Connection offers a wide range of Scotch whiskies from independent bottlers, as well as the occasional own label bottling. Whiskies are personally selected by owner Markus Ramseyer for limited release. 

Ramseyer's Whisky Connection History

Ramseyer's Whisky Connection was founded by Markus Ramseyer in 1998, based on the shore of the Zürichsee in the heart of Zurich. Ramseyer was inspired by many years as a whisky enthusiast, collector, and connoisseur to open a specialist whisky retailer that focused on the trade and sale of independent bottlings. The company also has an online store.


Whisky Connection
General-Willestrasse 8
+41 44 557 95 66

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