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Aware of the breath-taking prices of certain Scotch whisky blends over 20-years-old, Asda – the Walmart-owned UK supermarket – recently plunged in to this rarefied market with Tasgall. ‘Sold anywhere else these whiskies would sell for £100s, so we are really proud to offer our customers stunning quality at an affordable price,’ announced Asda’s spirits buyer Dave Cresswell at the time.

A blend of Highland and Speyside malts with Lowland grain whiskies, Tasgall was noted as having rich oak tannins and a sweet butterscotch and spiced fruit flavour with a creamy texture and languid finish.

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    Blended Scotch

Tasgall History

The prices paid for old blends may have been one inspiration, but the lead taken by Aldi in 2011 may have been more on point. That year the German discounter created quite a buzz with a pair of single malts – Glen Marnoch and Glenbridge, aged for 24 and 40 years respectively, and both priced under £50.

Asda’s response came out in time for Christmas 2014. Part of its ‘Extra-Special’ range, Tasgall was available as a 30-year-old for £60 and a 25-year-old for £50. Since its initial run it has not been repeated. 


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