Irvine distillery

Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Irvine, like so many other Scots towns and cities, has undergone vast changes and redevelopment over the past two centuries. However, as most early distilleries were built beside a burn or stream, the short-lived Irvine distillery would have stood near the Red Burn, which meandered west and then north down to the River Garnock. The burn is now totally culverted in the town centre, although the town’s Redburn Centre lies on its original route. 

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    Single malt
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Irvine History

Ayrshire’s Irvine distillery was first licensed to Alexander Campbell in 1827, which became Campbell & Mutter the following year.

Irvine distillery didn’t last too long, and was closed in 1831, although William and James Mutter went on to take over Bowmore distillery on Islay in 1852, and operated it until around 1890.


  • 1827 Licensed to Alexander Campbell
  • 1828 Licensed to Campbell & Mutter
  • 1831 Distillery closed


Woodland Avenue
North Ayrshire
United Kingdom

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