Perth distillery

Highland single malt Scotch whisky

The exact location of Perth distillery is unknown. Two sources place the site on John Street, close to the river Tay and between High Street and South Street, Perth’s two main east-west thoroughfares. However, OS maps have it some distance to the west of there, on or near Mill Lane. This location is more likely to have been the distillery’s home as it was close to the town’s mill lade. This water supply still runs openly today before being culverted for its last few hundred meters to the Tay.

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    Single malt
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Perth History

Perth distillery had two licensees in its short history, neither of whom distilled for more than a year. Maps from 1820-30 do not identify any distillery in this area. This is unsurprising as Perth distillery was short-lived and many map-makers of the day would avoid identifying distilleries and breweries.


  • 1821 David Taylor opens Perth distillery
  • 1821 Distilling ceases at Perth
  • 1825 The licence passes to James Duncan & Co. and distilling resumes
  • 1825 Perth distillery is closed for good


St John Street
Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

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