Marussia Beverages Profile

Based in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, Marussia Beverages BV is a producer and distributor of wines and spirits, with subsidiaries in the UK, US, Russia, France, Georgia and Ukraine. Its brands, which include Marmont vodka and the Black Ship blended Scotch, are distributed across 31 countries around the world.

Its UK subsidiary is also owner of Mossburn Distillers, the company behind Torabhaig distillery on Skye and two malt and grain distilleries in Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders. It also owns a malt distillery at the Asahi brewery in Japan.

Marussia Beverages BV is a holding company for privately owned Swedish group Haydn Holding AB.

Marussia Beverages History

Founded in 2005, Marussia Beverages BV gradually expanded to specialise in importing and distributing wine and spirits across the world. The company works closely with many independent distillers, covering all sectors of the spirits industry.

Distilleries & Brands


Marussia Beverages BV
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