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Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Pibroch Islay single malt is named after the puffer that once transferred grain and filled casks for Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd (part of the DCL) between Caol Ila and Lagavulin distilleries on Islay and Glasgow.

A 12-year-old malt from an anonymous distillery, which is bottled at 43% abv, The Pibroch is a peaty and oily whisky available throughout Europe.

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    Single malt

The Pibroch History

Vintage Malt Whisky Co Ltd was created in 1992 by ex-Morrison Bowmore Distillers director, Brian Crook, who wanted to establish a family firm to make connections with similarly minded firms in export markets. Over the years its range of whiskies was expanded and The Pibroch was launched in 1997 under VMW’s newly-formed sister company, Highlands & Islands Scotch Whisky Co Ltd.

The Pibroch puffer operated from 1957-76 when she was sold to Glenlight Shipping to act as a supply vessel to the American Navy in the Holy Loch. She was moved on four years later and eventually ended up in Galway where she was tied up and fell into disrepair. She literally rusted away until scrapped in 2010.


  • 1957 The Pibroch puffer is commissioned
  • 1976 The Pibroch ceases shipping whisky and is sold to Glenlight Shipping
  • 1992 Brian Crook establishes Vintage Malt Whisky Company
  • 1997 The Pibroch single malt is launched under Highlands and Islands Scotch Whisky Co.



The Pibroch
The Highlands & Islands Scotch Whisky Company Ltd
2 Stewart Street
G62 6BW
United Kingdom
+44 141 955 1700
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