Carlisle & District State Management Scheme Profile

The State Management Scheme was based on the principle of reducing excessive drinking by closing down breweries and many public houses, and in those licensed premises that survived, managers were employed who had no incentive to sell alcohol. The whole business of drinking was made more salubrious by replacing old-fashioned, sub-standard pubs with modern ones, based on a standard design. The scheme brewed beer and had spirits produced and bottled for its use. In terms of Scotch whisky, the Scheme offered Border Blend Finest Scotch Whisky.

Carlisle & District State Management Scheme History

Carlisle State Management Scheme was established in 1916, in an effort to curb drunkenness in and around Carlisle. Some 10 miles from the city itself, vast armaments factories had been created at Gretna, and there was concern that excessive drinking was interfering with the optimum efficiency of these factories. Other similar schemes existed at Enfield, Greater London, and Invergordon on the Cromarty Firth in the Scottish Highlands.

Remarkably, in the case of Carlisle, the State Management Scheme remained in place until 1971, when lobbying by brewing interests led Edward Heath’s Conservative government to abolish the Scheme, with assets being sold off to eager brewers and pub operators. 

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Carlisle & District State Management Scheme
19 Castle Street
United Kingdom

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