Auld Rare Whisky Profile

Auld Rare Whisky, owned and founded by Roger Svenningson, is thought to be the first dedicated independent bottler in Sweden. It bottles single cask, cask strength whiskies in distinguishable 50cl pharmacy-style bottles, as well as sets of three 10cl whisky packs.

Mainly available through Sweden’s state-run wine and spirit shop Systembolaget, some are exported into other mainland European markets and the company has been present at some of the larger fairs and festivals such as Limburg Whisky Fair in Germany. 

Auld Rare Whisky History

Roger Svenningson developed a passion for whisky while working in Paris in the late 1970s. He investigated the possibility of building his own whisky distillery in Sweden but found the great costs involved as too high a hurdle. Eventually Svenningson pursued a small independent bottling business based in the Swedish municipality of Skillingaryd.

When Auld Rare Whisky was eventually granted its license in July 2008, Roger discovered it was the first independent bottler in Sweden.


Auld Rare Whisky AB
Smedjegatan 3
+46 703 99 65 13

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