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Box Distillery was the passion project of Mats and Per de Vahl, two Swedish brothers who, bitten by the Scotch whisky bug, decided to convert Mats’s old power station/ art gallery on the banks of the Angerman River in Adalen, northern Sweden, into a distillery.

Aside from the bottlings of its own single malts Box has also bottled single casks of other whiskies when the opportunity to acquire them has arisen, including a 1988 Bruichladdich released in 2010 ahead of Box distillery’s opening.

Box Destilleri History

The old power station in which the distillery now exists was acquired by Mats de Vahl in 1991. The idea of making whisky on the site gestated for a long time – planning and preparation for the project took up much of the first decade of the 21st century. Eventually the first spirit was distilled on 2 December 2010, and today Box now produces 100,000 litres of alcohol a year.

The majority of its releases are now official bottlings by the distillery, however future independent releases should not be ruled out. 


Box Destilleri
Sörviken 140
+46 612 530 60

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