Barrique Profile

Barrique is a large franchise of shops throughout Germany and the Netherlands that specialises in wines, spirits and delicatessen foods and occasionally bottles its own single malts for its own outlets.

Barrique History

The company was founded by Hans Heinrich Bendix when he was a student in 1977 in Hannover. Along with several friends from university he created a small wine shop where customers could buy wine directly from the barrique. In 1983 the wine shop transitioned to becoming a wholesaler and supplying fine wines and spirits exclusively to retailers.

By 2001 the company had expanded quite vastly with nearly 20 shops in Germany. It was around this time it began to bottle its own single malts with the earliest bottling being a 1989 Auchroisk.


Barrique GmbH
Leineweberstrasse 33
Groß Lobke
+49 5126 9700

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