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Blended Scotch Whisky

Bene Vobis was an export-only brand produced by Daniel Crawford & Sons Ltd, one of the many small blending concerns consumed by the Distillers Company Ltd in 1944 as it rationalised the industry.

The blend was well-constructed and featured Highland and Speyside malts. It was exported to Europe, the Far East and India and gained a foothold in France and Mauritius where it was still available in the 1980s.  

  • Production type
    Blended Scotch

Bene Vobis History

After acquisition by DCL, Daniel Crawford & Sons was the licence holder for Parkmore distillery in Dufftown. It is unlikely that any Parkmore malt was used in Bene Vobis due to the poor repute of the distillate. The brand was exported and never introduced to the UK home trade but bottles do come to auction occasionally. The later bottlings carried no age statement (or the neck labels had disappeared).

Bene Vobis was one of the obscure brands under the DCL umbrella which did little to enrich the company coffers. Like many others, it simply disappeared.


  • 1850 Daniel Crawford and Ewing Russell Crawford form a partnership, Daniel Crawford & Sons, as wine and spirit merchants and exporters based at 81 Queen Street, Glasgow.
  • 1920 The Bene Vobis trademark is registered as a brand
  • 1944 Daniel Crawford & Sons is acquired by the DCL
  • 1974 Daniel Crawford & Sons relocates to Leith
  • 1980s Bene Vobis is still available in some export markets


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