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REWE Markt, one of Germany’s largest supermarkets that operates in countries across Europe, sells its own label Scotch in the form of no-age-statement blended whisky Mc Intyre.

REWE Markt History

REWE stands for ‘Revision sverband der Westkauf-Cooperatives’ (Western Buying Co-operatives Auditing Association) and was founded as a retailers cooperative in Cologne in 1927. In 1935, the co-operative expanded from the Rhineland to central Germany.

During the Second World War, REWE expanded into production at local wineries and opened a coffee roasting plant. In the late 1940s, REWE introduced two own-brand labels of food staples: REWE Dreistern (three stars) and REWE Kronjuwel (crown jewels).

During the 1970s, REWE restructured as a partnership and established a travel agency. In 1972, the company invested in grocery retailer Leibbrand Group and the remaining stake was purchased in 1989.

In 1993, REWE purchased a stake in British grocery chain Budgens, and began to expand into Austria and Eastern Europe. Today, REWE Group has over 14,800 grocery stores and operates in 10 European countries.

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REWE Markt GmbH
Domstrasse 20
+49 221 149 0

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