The Glenfyne Distillery Company Profile

Robertson & Baxter created this wholly owned subsidiary company in 1919 to purchase and operate the Glenfyne distillery in Ardrishaig, on the banks of the Crinan Canal. The distillery closed in 1937 but the company still sits on the books of Edrington.

The Glenfyne Distillery Company History

After William Foulds & Co. of Greenock was declared bankrupt in 1918, Robertson & Baxter Ltd. had its eye on securing its assets for itself. The following year The Glenfyne Distillery Company was created to purchase the Glenfyne distillery (also known as Glendarroch) in Ardrishaig, and the Scottish Cream blend.

Glenfyne distillery was located in a picturesque part of Scotland at the southern end of the Crinan Canal, and was easily viewed by passengers travelling by boat. Alfred Barnard visited the distillery when it was known as Glendarroch, and noted how impressed he was by the ‘enchanting’ location and slick operation of the site.

Its single malt was known as Glamis, though Glenfyne Distillery Co also blended and bottled the Peter Greig, Glen Fyne and Glen Crinan whiskies.

The Glenfyne Distillery Co. continued to operate the distillery until 1937 when it was closed, however the distillery warehouses continued to be used for a number of years. Most of the buildings have now been demolished and the company sits silently as part of Edrington.

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The Glenfyne Distillery Company Limited
2500 Great Western Road
G15 6RW
United Kingdom
+44 141 940 4000

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