Avonglen distillery

Lowland single malt Scotch whisky

Avonglen distillery was in the Millheugh area of Larkhall; close to the river Avon, which skirts the town’s west side. Its buildings must have been substantial, as the site was later used as bleach-works.

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    Single malt
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Avonglen History

The distillery was opened in 1827 by Messrs Goold and Burns, though it closed the following year. It resurfaced shortly after under the guidance of John Burns & Co., but closed again within months. Its owner was clearly struggling, as it was sequestrated in 1830.

The site saw greater success in later years as a bleach-works, a role it fulfilled until as late as 1980.


  • 1827 Messrs Goold and Burns open the distillery at Avonglen
  • 1828 The distillery closes for a brief time
  • 1828-29 John Burns and Co. take over Avonglen and distilling resumes
  • 1829 The distillery closes once again
  • 1830 John Burns and Co. is sequestrated and the distillery closes


South Lanarkshire
United Kingdom

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