Ballintomb distillery

Speyside single malt Scotch whisky

Balintomb distillery (also known as Belantomb, Belintomb and Balentomb) sat at or near a farm, today called Mains of Ballintomb, just north of Carron and about two miles north-west of Knockando. A burn or stream ran past the farm down to the river Spey.

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    Single malt
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Ballintomb History

While there are many functioning distilleries in the area today – the Spey valley boasts more than half of all Scottish distilleries – Ballintomb lasted just 42 years.

It was opened in 1825 by Gordon and Rose, and remained operational until 1837 when it was mothballed.

During that time it changed hands several times, but was eventually – briefly – reopened by Donald Gordon in 1852.

Ballintomb reopened for less than a year in 1860 under Ann Gordon, and then again in 1867 under John Stewart Smith, but for just a few months. With a track record of failed restarts, Ballintomb was finally abandoned.


  • 1825-26 Ballintomb distillery is run by the partnership Gordon and Rose
  • 1827 James Rose becomes the licence holder at Ballintomb
  • 1829 Alexander Rose is in charge at the distillery
  • 1831 James Gordon is named licence holder
  • 1837 Ballintomb is mothballed
  • 1852 The distillery is reopened by Donald Gordon, but closes the same year
  • 1860 Ann Gordon briefly reopens Ballintomb but the distillery soon falls silent once again
  • 1867 John Stewart Smith restarts production at Ballintomb but the distillery closes later that year


Mains of Ballintomb
United Kingdom

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