Hempriggs distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Caithness’ Hempriggs distillery operated for an exceedingly short period in the late 18th century, although its precise location is a mystery.

Two miles south of Wick lies Loch Hempriggs, east of which sit several farms and buildings close to the A99 road bearing the same name. There is Hempriggs House and lodge, now a residential home, and three farms, namely Hempriggs Mains, Barns of Hempriggs and plain Hempriggs.

The loch is drained by both the Burn of Newton and a long, meandering mill lade that skirts the residential home, Mains and Barns. Hempriggs distillery may have been located at any one of them or in a separate building, now long gone. The lade heads north into Wick town before being culverted for its last quarter-mile to the sea.

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    Single malt
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Hempriggs History

Hempriggs distillery was licensed to James MacBeath in 1798 but closed in 1799.


  • 1798 Distillery opened by James MacBeath
  • 1799 Distillery closed


Hempriggs House
United Kingdom

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