Stirling distillery

Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Stirling distillery was close to the centre of its namesake town. It stood on Shore road, north-east of the railway station, within the long meander of the River Forth south of the Queen’s Haugh. Old maps show several buildings that may have been the distillery but it is not identified as such. With no burn or small watercourse nearby, the distillery may have taken water from the Forth via a lade. 

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Stirling History

Stirling distillery was founded in 1816 by Thomas Littlejohn and survived until 1852, though it was silent for 20 of those years.

During the time it was active, Stirling was licensed to five successive distillers, and finally closed under Catherine Laing, one of the few women to have operated a distillery at that time.  


  • 1816 Stirling distillery is licensed to Thomas Littlejohn
  • 1819 The distillery falls silent
  • 1821 Stirling distillery is licensed to W. Paul and recommences production
  • 1822-23 A license is issued to William & James Paul
  • 1824 Messrs Paul are sequestrated and Stirling distillery is silent once more
  • 1825 New licensee Thomas Watt restarts distilling on the site
  • 1826 Distilling at Stirling ceases once more
  • 1852 Catherine Laing becomes the distillery’s final licence holder
  • 1852 Stirling distillery finally closes


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