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The Cumbrae Supply Company is a small bottling company, based in Renfrew, Scotland owned by Jane Macduff and her children Iain and Katie. It specialises in bottling whisky independently for private and corporate clients as well as facilitating the bottling of casks on behalf of non-revenue traders. It has a bespoke bottling facility designed to handle very small or tiny quantities, which is essential for the product for which the company is best known: its novelty ‘smallest bottle of whisky in the world’, as certified in the Guinness Book Of Records. You can find them all over Scotland – and beyond – often sold in tiny ‘match box’ presentation boxes.

Its main business however is independent bottlings, which are released under its trading name: House Of Macduff. It releases single casks at cask strength under the Golden Cask series, blended malts by batch under the Selkie brand, along with Burns Nectar single malt from an unnamed distillery. It also produces Blend No 888, described by Cumbrae as a ‘lucky’ blended Scotch with a good malt content. The company also employs the services of John McDougall, former manager of five different Scottish distilleries, as a consultant. 


Cumbrae Supply Company History

The Cumbrae Supply Company dates back to the 1950s when the ‘world’s smallest bottle’ was a private enterprise run out of a garage. Thereafter it was owned by the Paisley Whisky Co. Ltd until 1980 when it was purchased by Jane Victoria Macduff.

At the time of purchase it was called the Souvenir Whisky Co and also made and sold pottery. Its new owner focused on the whisky side of the business and in 1992 Cumbrae owned its own bonded stock and began to offer its own independent bottlings under the Golden Cask range. 

The Cumbrae Supply Company dates back to the 1950s when the ‘world’s smallest bottle’ was a private enterprise run out of a garage on the Isle of Millport. Thereafter it was owned by the Paisley Whisky Co Ltd until 1987 when it was purchased by the Macduff family. At the time of purchase its focus was on novelty items for the tourist market. The family also owned a small pottery and after the acquisition its produce formed part of the product portfolio for a time.

In the early 1990s the Macduffs decided to focus on bottling miniatures and single casks for third parties. With a change of premises and a small bonded facility the company began to build up stock and bottle its own brands. Over the past decade all the Cumbrae Supply Company releases have been done under the trading name of House Of MacDuff and the company’s main business focus has been on developing its brands for the European and Asia markets.

In 2013 the company moved premises again to Renfrew.

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  • The House of MacDuff


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