D&M Wine & Liquor Co. Profile

D&M Wine & Liquor Co. is a traditional, family-owned business located on Fillmore Street, San Francisco, owned and run by Mike F Politz and his son Kyle. The store sells wines, Champagne, brandy, assorted spirits and whisky, and occasionally bottles independent single casks under its own Aficionado’s Club and Connoisseur’s Club labels for its customers.

It is one of the few independent bottlers to have released a Glen Garioch from the highly sought after 1971 vintage when the distillery was still using heavily peated malt. 

D&M Wine & Liquor Co. History

The company was founded in 1935 in San Francisco’s Lower Pacific Heights. Around the early 1990s it established a single malt buyer’s club, which led in turn to the launch of its own independent bottlings around the turn of the millennium.

Although the majority of D&M’s bottlings were released between 2000 and 2009, there continue to be sporadic releases.


D&M Wines and Liquors
2200 Fillmore Street
San Francisco
United States
+1 415 346 1325

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