Jewish Whisky Company Profile

Joshua Hatton, Jason Johnstone-Yellin and Seth Klaskin founded The Jewish Whisky Company with the aim of providing kosher whiskies for the US’ Jewish community. Based in Connecticut, USA, the business operates the Single Cask Nation whisky club, also the name given to its line of independently bottled whiskies from across the world. Originally only club members were able to purchase its whiskies, with a three-tiered membership program that allowed varying degrees of access to bottlings and associated perks. However, membership has been free since 2017 and a separate range is now available for non-members in selected retailers.

The Jewish Whisky Company also runs the Whisky Jewbilee shows, which now take place in Seattle, Washington, Chicago, Illinois, and New York City.

Jewish Whisky Company History

The Jewish Whisky Company was originally founded in 2011 by Hatton, Johnstone-Yellin and Klaskin – three whisky bloggers who came together with the idea of forming a small independent bottling company that would only sell whiskies deemed kosher to members through an online virtual community.

The club was called Single Cask Nation, and three bottlings were produced for it in the first year with a further six single casks in year two. The first Whisky Jewbilee was held in 2012 initially as a side project, but it quickly grew to be among the top rated whisky festivals in the US.

In 2017 the Jewish Whisky Company dropped its membership fees and created a new range for sale solely in retail outlets, for which it expects to bottle 12-18 single casks a year. A similar number of alternative bottlings will still be exclusively available to members. 


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