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Situated in Leith, A. Alexander & Co. was a renowned Scotch whisky blender. Its most famous blend was Dandie Dinmont, which was named after a breed of small, Scottish dog, one of which features on the label. 

A Alexander & Co History

Located just north of the city, Leith is the old maritime centre of Edinburgh. Following the First World War, the business was acquired by Charles Mackinlay & Co., which operated Glen Mhor distillery near Inverness, and went on to purchase the adjacent Glen Albyn distillery in 1920.

Throughout that time and into the mid-20th century, A. Alexander & Co. made its name blending whisky, its flagship brand being Dandie Dinmont. A. Alexander & Co. registered a trademark for the brand in the 1940s, and went on to sell the product in export markets.

Charles Mackinlay & Co. was sold to Scottish & Newcastle Breweries in 1961, and later to Invergordon Distillers, which became part of Whyte & Mackay.

Distilleries & Brands

Associated companies

  • Charles Mackinlay & Co (Current owner)

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