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Charles H Julian Ltd is involved in whisky blending and exporting, and is headed by members of the Lockwood family, based in Essex.


Charles H Julian History

Charles H Julian was one of the most significant 20th century blenders. It was he who created Cutty Sark for Berry Bros & Rudd in 1923, and a decade later went on to develop another light-bodied and coloured blend ideally suited to the US market in the shape of J&B Rare. The year of 1954 saw Sam Bronfman of the Seagram Company Ltd call upon his services to formulate Chivas Regal 12-year-old.

Julian went on to establish his own whisky blending and exporting company, best known for its Excalibur 12-year-old ‘deluxe’ brand. The firm, which was incorporated in 1995, continued in the hands of his sons, before subsequently being sold on.

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Charles H Julian Limited
2 Bonnington Bond
2 Anderson Place
United Kingdom

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