Nisa Retail Profile

The own label Scotch whisky offered by UK cornershop chain Nisa is Banoch Brae, a blended Scotch whisky without an age statement that’s bottled at 40% abv. It is selected for Cellars International Ltd., the drinks division of Nisa. 


Nisa Retail History

Originally standing for Northern Independent Supermarkets Association (Northern was later changed to National), Nisa was founded by Dudley Ramsden and Peter Garvin in 1977, and originally traded out of a meeting room in the Crown Hotel near Doncaster for its first 11 years. Today its headquarters are based in Scunthorpe.

Nisa’s retailers can operate under one of four symbol facias: Nisa Local, Nisa Extra, Loco, and Dual Branded. The cooperative of independent grocers operates over 4,000 convenience stores, including all Costcutter brand stores.

Banoch Brae was first introduced to Nisa outlets during the 1990s.



Nisa Retail Limited
Waldo Way
Normanby Enterprise Park
North Lincolnshire
DN15 9GE
United Kingdom
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+44 1724 282028

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