Clan Fraser Profile

Blended Scotch whisky

Clan Fraser is a young, easy-drinking standard blend created specifically for export markets. Containing less than 20% malt whisky, the blend is soft, sweet and light with a hint of dried fruit.

The brand was inspired by the migration of the Frasers from France to the Scottish Borders region in the 12th century. 

  • Production type
    Blended Scotch

Clan Fraser History

The Clan Fraser brand was developed in 2013 by The Three Stills Company, which also owns the Borders distillery, and launched in limited quantities to international markets the following year.

It now counts the Middle East and southern Africa as its core markets, and is also available in Latin American and Caribbean countries.



Clan Fraser
c/o The Borders Distillery
16-20 Commercial Road
United Kingdom
Visitor Opening Hours
Not open to the public


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