Balnacraig distillery

Highland single malt Scotch whisky

The Perthshire distillery of Balnacraig (also spelled Ballinachraigh, Ballinacraig and Balnacrie) was located at or near Balnacree House, at Donavourd in Pitlochry.

The distillery site was downhill from Edradour, one of today's most famous distilleries, but on a different burn that also flowed down to the Tay. Distilling may have taken place in one of Balnacree's outbuildings or at a separate building nearby.

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    Single malt
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Balnacraig History

Balnacraig distillery opened in 1825 under the watch of Peter Duff, who ran it for a solid four years before Donald Campbell took over the licence in 1829.

The site was mothballed in 1834, but was reopened several years later by James Cameron and Co.

In 1860 Balnacraig was picked up by Peter Dougall and Co., but it was eventually closed seven years later. The house at Balnacree still stands today.


  • 1825 Licensee Peter Duff opens Balnacraig distillery
  • 1826 The licence holder becomes Peter Duff and Co.
  • 1829 Donald Campbell and Co. take on Balnacraig
  • 1834 The distillery is mothballed
  • 1852 James Cameron and Co. reopen the distillery
  • 1860 Peter Dougall and Co. take over
  • 1867 The distillery finally closes


Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

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