Dunkeld distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

A distillery in Dunkeld, a small town and seat of a Catholic bishopric beside the Tay in Perthshire.

That Perthshire had a remarkably large number of ‘legal’ distilleries in an era when illicit distilling was rampant may be attributable in part to the Customs and Excise officers in the region being very efficient, but also to the county’s landowners pushing any would-be distillers to go legal so as to avoid problems for themselves. 

Dunkeld distillery was located in Atholl Street, which is the locality’s main street, located some distance from the River Tay and with no burns or other water sources apparent. Perhaps it had water piped from the Tay or took its water from a now-lost stream.

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    Single malt
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Dunkeld History

The distillery operated briefly twice over 12 years, first under James Duncan and Co. from 1825-26, then under Charles Douglas and Co. from 1834-37.

No information on the distillery's exact location, or its stills and output, is available, nor what the distillery became after it closed.


  • 1825 Dunkeld distillery is opened by James Duncan and Co.
  • 1826 The distillery is closed
  • 1834 Dunkeld is reopened by Charles Douglas and Co.
  • 1837 The distillery is finally closed for good


Atholl Street
Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

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