Fowlis distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

As is so often the case with distilleries founded in the early 1800s, the exact location of Fowlis is not clear. It is, however, highly likely it sat beside the Fowlis Burn that skirted Fowlis Wester’s eastern flank close to the bridge where the unclassified road from Fowlis to Keillour crossed the burn. Interestingly, the village has a patron Saint, Saint Beanus, who was born in the area centuries ago. Until 1877 there was an annual market held in the village square on his birthday, 26 October. 

Doubtless during the distillery’s operational years, many people would have toasted their patron saint with a dram or three from the distillery.

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    Single malt
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Fowlis History

Fowlis distillery was established by James Christie and Co. in 1817, which ran it for two years before mothballing the site in 1819. It was reopened by John Christie, doubtless a relation, in 1821, but the distillery closed again in 1826. 


  • 1817 James Christie and Co. founds Fowlis distillery
  • 1819 The distillery is closed after just two years in operation
  • 1821 Fowlis is re-opened by John Christie
  • 1826 John Christie ceases trading, and Fowlis distillery is finally closed


Fowlis Wester
Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

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