Turret Bank distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Turret Bank distillery was located on the west side of Crieff on a meander in the Turret Burn. The site was built just over a mile downstream from Hosh distillery, today known as Glenturret.

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    Single malt
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Turret Bank History

Though Turret Bank was only active for 10 years it operated under four successive licensees. The distillery was opened by William Johnstone in 1827, before being licensed to Drysdale, Johnstone & Co. in 1829. Operation passed to Lawrence Drysdale in 1831, and finally to William Hamilton in 1837. Shortly after Hamilton took control, Turret Bank ceased to operate as a distillery.

Today the building itself is long gone – its site opposite Crieff’s Macrosty Park is now occupied by housing – but the name of the distillery lives on in the local area having been lent to Turretbank Road, Place, and Drive. A little way up Turret Burn the remains of the mill lade that supplied the distillery can still be found.   


  • 1827 Turret Bank distillery is licensed to William Johnston
  • 1829 The licence passes to Drysdale, Johnston & Co.
  • 1831 The distillery is licensed to Lawrence Drysdale
  • 1832 Turret Bank distillery goes silent
  • 1837 William Hamilton becomes Turret Bank’s final licensee. Just months later the distillery is closed for good


Turretbank Road
Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

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