Kelso distillery

Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Precisely locating Kelso distillery is difficult. One source places it at Rosebank – a mansion and former estate on the north bank of the Tweed on the outskirts of town where now a bridge on the main A698 road crosses the river. However, old maps show no buildings at Rosebank that might be, or might have been, the distillery. Some way upriver, opposite an island called Kelso Anna, there is a pend with steps down towards the Tweed called Distillery Lane. It leads off Roxburgh Street down to Chalkheugh Terrace and seems the more likely location. Unfortunately, information on the distillery equipment and whisky is nil.

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    Single malt
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Kelso History

Kelso distillery was opened and licensed to John Mason in 1825. In 1830 it became a partnership of Mason & Nichol, which lasted until 1833 when John Mason became a sole trader again. Kelso continued under him until 1837 when he was sequestrated.  


  • 1825 Kelso distillery is opened by John Mason
  • 1830 Distilling continues under Messrs Mason & Nichol
  • 1833 The partnership is dissolved, though John Mason continues distilling solo
  • 1837 John Mason is sequestrated and Kelso distillery is closed


United Kingdom

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