West Barns distillery

Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The West Barns distillery was located on what is today West Barns farm, west of the village also known as West Barns. Just south of the A1087 Edinburgh Road, the site sits beside the Biel Water on its north-eastward flow to the North Sea. Ordinance Survey maps of the area show what appears to be a lade that may have supplied water to the distillery.

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    Single malt
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West Barns History

The distillery was first licensed to Messrs Taylor & Walker in 1798 but they ceased distilling the following year, leaving West Barns silent for over a decade.

The licence later passed to Andrew Taylor who remained in charge until the distillery’s closure in 1833. West Barns was converted to a brewery and later a maltings, while the farm remains active to this day. 


  • 1798 West Barns distillery is licensed to Taylor & Walker
  • 1799 The distillery is closed
  • 1813 Distilling at West Barns resumes with Andrew Taylor & Co. named as the licensee
  • 1819 The firm of Andrew Taylor & Co. is dissolved
  • 1821 West Barns begins operating with Andrew Taylor as its sole licensee
  • 1833 Andrew Taylor & Co. is once more named as the distillery’s licence holder
  • 1833 or later Distilling at West Barns stops for the final time


West Barns
East Lothian
United Kingdom

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