West Lochlin distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

West Lochlin distillery was located close to the south bank of the River Earn, in the area of Muthill in Perthshire today called West Lochlane. Several farms, cottages and a smithy in the vicinity all bear the name Lochlane and any one of them could be the site of the long lost distillery. A small burn in the area that flows into the Earn was likely the water source for West Lochlin. 

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    Single malt
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West Lochlin History

West Lochlin was one of a swathe of early distilleries in the Muthill area of Perthshire. It opened in 1825 under Peter McRostie & Co., but closed the following year.


  • 1825 West Lochlin distillery is licensed to Peter McRostie & Co.
  • 1826 The distillery is permanently closed


Perth and Kinross
United Kingdom

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