Woodside distillery

Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The name of this lost malt distillery is derived from the Woodside district of Glasgow in which it was built. During the 1820s and ‘30s when Woodside was active the area would have been on Glasgow’s outskirts. However, the entire area has totally changed over the past two centuries and it is impossible to locate the distillery accurately.

We do know that Woodside contained an unnamed burn that flowed south and then west from the branch of the Forth Clyde canal, just north of Port Dundas to the River Kelvin near Woodside House. It is likely the distillery was situated close to both the burn and the house. 

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    Single malt
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Woodside History

Distilling at Woodside took place under three successive licensees from 1828 until it closed circa 1837.


  • 1828 Woodside distillery opens, registered to Robert Hay & Co.
  • 1829 David Hay, possibly a relation, is granted the licence to Woodside
  • 1836 The distillery goes silent
  • 1837 Matthew Smeaton becomes the distillery’s final licensee
  • 1837 or later Woodside ceases to operate


Caldarvan Street
United Kingdom

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