Yetts of Muckhart distillery

Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Yetts O' Muckhart is a scattered hamlet in Perthshire threaded with burns and rivulets; the River Devon skirts its eastern flank.

The area was long reputed to be home to Britain's most remote Rolls Royce servicing centre, set up by an enterprising local for the chauffeur-driven cars of guests staying at Gleneagles Hotel, nine miles to the north.

There are several farms and crofts in the area where this distillery might have been, but no such site is marked on older maps, making its exact location hard to ascertain.

  • Region
  • Production type
    Single malt
  • Distillery Status
  • Previous names
    Yetts o'Muckhart

Yetts of Muckhart History

Yetts of Muckhart was first registered to A Balfour & Co. in 1817, but distilling stopped in 1819. Distilling restarted in 1825 under Mr B F Mylne, but ceased again the following year. Finally, in 1831, Mr J W Rennie revived the distillery, but he was sequestrated in 1832 and Yetts of Muckhart closed for good.


  • 1817 Yetts of Muckhart is licensed to A Balfour & Co.
  • 1819 John H Rennie leaves the firm and the distillery falls silent
  • 1825 The distillery licence passes to Mr B F Mylne
  • 1826 Yetts of Muckhart is silent once again
  • 1831 The distillery is reopened by Mr J W Rennie
  • 1832 J W Rennie is sequestrated and Yetts of Muckhart distillery is finally closed


Yetts o'Muckhart
United Kingdom

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